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Monday, February 19, 2018

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - Benjamin Franklin

As of June 1, 2010, written contracts are now required between artists, including performers, and anyone wanting to engage, hire, contract them for their work or performance.  The Act also recognizes the artist as a professional and, as a professional, emphasizes the importance of fair compensation. 

Written contracts help protect artists and engagers by spelling out what is to be done, agreed upon fees, deadlines, termination clauses, transfer of rights, etc.  This helps to ensure a clear understanding of the transaction with the aim of preventing costly disputes down the road.  Written contracts enhance business relationships between artists and engagers.  They protect both parties making business more straightforward and profitable. 

Written contracts are an effective business practice as they help solidify the relationship by providing a clear understanding of the business transaction.  They also provide an extra measure of protection to both parties compared to a verbal or literal handshake.  Written contracts are prescribed by The Arts Professions Act, helping to implement the new cultural policy: Pride of Saskatchewan.  Useful contract resources include the following:

Tools and Resources

FAQs: Are you looking for some basic information?  The FAQs provide a good overview to general questions on the new Act and contracting. 

Contract Workshop: Industry Associations are always hosting workshops on various business practices, including contracting.  Be sure to check back regularly to find out when the next workshop is.  The next workshop is:

Contract Checklist: If you have an existing contract and want to make sure it complies with the law or want to write your own contract the Contract Checklist is a great resource.

Professional Artist Checklist: Developed in consultation with the art community in Saskatchewan, this checklist (that is prescribed in The Arts Professions Act) outlines criteria for a professional artist.

Information Packages: To help spread the word about the importance of written contracts, the Act and the new cultural policy (Pride of Saskatchewan) we have developed various information cards.  If you work with artists or engagers, provide special event or festival advice, are holding a workshop or event related to culture in Saskatchewan or are just wanting to spread the word about the new Act, Pride of Saskatchewan or the importance of written contracts, please contact us and we will send you free information cards.  Contact: Gerry Folk, Cultural Policy Branch ph: (306) 787-8527 or email: gerry.folk@gov.sk.ca.

Free Contract Templates: If you are new to contracting there are lots of templates tailored to specific industry needs that can help you get started.

Best Practices for Saskatchewan Visual Arts: viable industry standards, developed in an atmosphere of mutual respect and agreement, for practical use in the Saskatchewan Visual Arts and Crafts Sector

Please note that contract templates are only model agreements and should not replace professional legal advice.

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