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Monday, February 19, 2018

The Heritage Conservation Branch recognizes that the spirit and character of the province is largely defined by its unique history and heritage, and that heritage properties contribute to our understanding and appreciation of Saskatchewan's past, its people, and its culture. Accordingly, its mission is to facilitate the protection and conservation of heritage resources in Saskatchewan, and to foster a culture of heritage stewardship that will help build sustainable communities. For information on Heritage Conservation Branch strategic goals and objectives, click here.

Programs and services are delivered through two technical work units:

Built Heritage Management focuses on Provincial Heritage Property designation and alteration review and approvals, Municipal Heritage Property advisory and registry services, community engagement to build local heritage conservation and management capacity, and managing the Saskatchewan Register of Heritage Property.

Archaeological Resource Management focuses on land and resource development review, impact assessment and mitigation, investigation permitting, managing the Saskatchewan Archaeological Site Inventory, and geographic place naming.

In addition, the Heritage Conservation Branch is responsible for providing administrative and technical support to the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation, and its various standing committees, including the Saskatchewan Heritage Advisory Committee, the Saskatchewan Heritage Property Review Committee, and the Saskatchewan Geographic Names Committee.

For more information contact us at

Heritage Conservation Branch
2nd Floor, 3211 Albert Street

(306) 787-2817
(306) 787-0069 (FAX)

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