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Monday, February 19, 2018

Since 2005, all snowmobile registration fees collected by Saskatchewan Government Insurance have been directed to the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association (SSA). These fees help the organization and its member clubs maintain provincial snowmobile trails and promote safe snowmobiling. The SSA is responsible for this work through the Trail Management Agreement.

In November 2014, the SSA and the Government of Saskatchewan signed a new, four-year Trail Management Agreement. To support the new agreement, the annual snowmobile registration fee will increase by $10 per year over four years to reach $110 by July 1, 2017.

Even with these increases, Saskatchewan remains one of the most affordable provinces in Canada to register a snowmobile and access a provincial trail system.

Snowmobile registration fees are payable once per snowmobile in each snowmobile season.

In Saskatchewan, with some exceptions, a snowmobile must be registered to lawfully operate on public land such as crown land, municipal land and highway right of ways. The snowmobile registration fee and associated insurance premium gives snowmobile owners liability insurance and access to the province’s more than 10,000 kilometers of groomed snowmobile trails. Snowmobilers are encouraged to obtain permission from landowners before riding on private property.

For further information regarding provincial snowmobile trails please contact:

Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association Inc.
Toll Free:         1-800-499-7533 (Saskatchewan only)
Phone:             (306) 729-3500  
Email: sasksnow@sasktel.net
Website: www.sasksnow.com

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