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Monday, February 19, 2018

Pride of Saskatchewan: A Policy Where Culture, Community and Commerce Meet responds to more than 25 years of cultural policy discussions and is based on extensive dialogue.  The goal of the dialogue was to ensure the policy was developed with the input from the people it is meant to support. 

Moving from Reflection to Action: Towards a Cultural Policy for Saskatchewan summarizes all five phases, which included:

1. Reflections: The process of developing a cultural policy started with an analysis and summary of over thirty years of cultural policy discussions into a single document: Reflections - A Summary of 30 Years of Cultural Policy Discussions in Saskatchewan (Reflections).  Reflections has been reprinted in Moving from Reflection to Action.

2. Reflections on Cultural Policy Survey: Accompanying Reflections was an online survey that sought to affirm a common understanding of the culture sector and identify a set of priorities to inform policy development.  In total, 649 people responded to the survey.  A majority of respondents agreed with the content in Reflections and the need for a cultural policy.  The survey results have been reprinted in Moving from Reflection to Action.

3. Building Momentum: To inform policy development, three new programs were introduced in 2008-09, including: The Creative Industry Growth and Sustainability program, Culture on the Go and Building Pride.

4. Draft Cultural Policy Framework: In October 2008, a draft cultural policy was released based on Reflections and the results from the Reflections on Cultural Policy Survey.  The draft policy outlined a draft strategic direction for the province and enabled further input and engagement by the sector.  The draft policy has been reprinted in Moving from Reflection to Action.

5. The Community Dialogue: In February and March 2009, the Community Dialogue was held to gather feedback on the draft policy and input on action items to implement the policy.  The Community Dialogue began with a pipe ceremony at the Saskatchewan Legislature and included 14 face-to-face meetings in communities across the province.  They were held in Yorkton, Stoughton, Swift Current, Humboldt, La Ronge, Prince Albert, North Battleford, three in Regina, two in Saskatoon and two sessions exclusively with First Nations and Métis people and organizations.  In addition, a web-based virtual dialogue was created to ensure that anyone who wanted to participate has the opportunity.  The results of the Community Dialogue can be found in Moving from Reflection to Action. An important part of the dialogue was a discussion of local success stories.  An abridged version can be found in Moving from Reflection to Action while a more detailed version is available in Community Cultural Successes.

For a hard copy of Pride of Saskatchewan please contact:

Cultural Policy Branch
Saskatchewan Parks, Culture and Sport
3211 Albert St
(306) 787-7757

To view some of the key resources that led to the development of Moving from Reflection to Action, please refer to the "Related Documents" section below.

To view News Releases related to the development of a policy, please refer to the "Related Links" section below.

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