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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Community Rink Affordability Grant

Funding for all registrants of the Community Rink Affordability Grant is suspended for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Contact the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport for further information.


Saskatchewan Children and Youth Participation in Sport, Recreation and Cultural Activities

This report presents the re-analysis of data from the 2005 Aboriginal Youth Participation in Sport, Culture and Recreation Study.  The data was re-analyzed to more accurately represent Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal children and youth residing in Saskatchewan.  Results on various aspects of children and youth participation in sport, recreation and cultural activities are presented, including comparisons by Aboriginal status, gender and region.  Click here for the TPCS (2008) SK Children and Youth Participation in Sport Recreation and Cultural Activities.


Growing Minor Football in Saskatchewan: A Report by Gene Makowsky

The following document is the culmination of a four month project by Gene Makowsky who was contracted by the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport to review the current state of minor football in the province.  The focus of the project is to examine the increasing enthusiasm for this sport in communities across the province.  The report also provides information on the components of running a successful football program while highlighting barriers that prevent participation and providing recommendations on how to overcome those barriers.  Increased participation in existing and new minor football programs is anticipated as a result of Mr. Makowsky's involvement with the project.  Click here for Mr. Makowsky's report on minor league football in Saskatchewan.

How We Support Saskatchewan's Recreation

Parks, Culture and Sport (PCS) works directly with a variety of organizations that comprise the provincial sport, culture and recreation delivery system to ensure that all Saskatchewan citizens have reasonable access to the programs and services provided by this sector.

The ministry also provides consultative and technical services to a variety of multi-sport competitive games, including the Saskatchewan Summer and Winter Games, the 55+ Senior Games, the Northern Games and Cultural Festival and the Saskatchewan Indian Summer and Winter Games.

Canada's Physical Activity Guide for Children and Youth
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The Canadian Sport Centre Saskatchewan is dedicated to supporting the pursuit of excellence by high performance athletes and coaches in Saskatchewan.

Parks, Culture and Sport collaborates with the federal government on a number of federal/provincial sport and recreation initiatives.

The ISRC (Council) provides a forum for provincial/territorial governments officials, where new information can be shared and new avenues of co-operation identified.  At the same time, the Council is actively involved in co-ordinating programs and policies at the provincial, territorial and national levels.

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