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Monday, February 19, 2018

This group was originally referred to as the Provincial and Territorial Directors of Fitness and Amateur Sport.  In 1971, all provincial and territorial governments worked together to draft a new constitution and created the Provincial Directors' council which met twice a year.  The name of the Council was changed in 1978 to its current, Interprovincial Sport and Recreation Council (ISRC).  While the name of the Council has changed over the years, its purpose has remained essentially the same.

The ISRC provides a forum for provincial/territorial governments officials, where new information can be shared and new avenues of co-operation identified.  At the same time, the Council is actively involved in co-ordinating programs and policies at the provincial, territorial and national levels.

Two federal-provincial/territorial committees, one for sport and another for physical activity and recreation examine the direction of sport, recreation and physical activity development in Canada as mandated by the Ministers and make recommendations on federal-provincial/territorial initiatives through the formal mechanisms.

The ISRC Vice-Chairs of the Physical Activity & Recreation and Sport Committees have responsibility to report on all committee initiatives to the ISRC at the semi-annual meetings in the spring and fall.  The meetings of the ISRC are crucial for organizing the activities of those involved in sport, recreation and physical activity.  At the meeting preceding a Ministers Conference, the Council ensures that budget, committee reports, conference papers and other matters are ready for presentation to the Ministers and that a work plan is set in place to carry out the directions of the Ministers for the coming period.  ISRC Committees meet at various times throughout the year to implement the general policies outlined by the Ministers.

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