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Monday, February 19, 2018


Using Research to Improve Festivals and Events: Economics, Marketing and More (released February 2011)
A presentation from the 2011 SAASE Annual Meeting which was held in Weyburn on February 25th and 26th.  An overview of the 2010 Saskatchewan Festivals and Events Research Project is provided, along with information on how the results from this study can be used to improve festivals and events.


Canoeing and Kayaking in Saskatchewan Survey Report (released February 2010)
The survey collected information to better understand canoeists' and kayakers' paddling experiences within Lac La Ronge Provincial Park and to gather their perceptions of potential actions to manage recreation use within the park.  The survey also collected information useful for organizations that provide canoeing and kayaking-related programs and services in Saskatchewan.


Camping at Saskatchewan Landing Survey Report (released December 2009):
The purpose of this survey was to collect information to evaluate a 14-night maximum length of stay pilot study at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park in an effort to ensure more Saskatchewan residents and visitors have access to campsites.

Blackstrap Provincial Park Public Review Survey Report (released January 2009):
The purpose of the Blackstrap Provincial Park Survey was to obtain input on the facilities, programs, and services of Blackstrap Provincial Park, as well as potential actions that could be taken to improve the park.


Saskatchewan Provincial Parks 2008 Camper Survey: Summary of Results (released November 2008): 
The purpose of the Saskatchewan Provincial Parks 2008 Camper Survey was to obtain information to better understand and enhance campers' experience in Saskatchewan provincial parks.  This report presents a summary of the results from this survey.

Historic Places in Saskatchewan Municipalities (released October 2008):
This report presents the results of the Historic Places in Saskatchewan Municipalities Survey that was developed to understand the current activities and interests of Saskatchewan municipalities related to protecting and promoting historic places.

Sport Participation in Saskatchewan: 1998 and 2005 (released June 2008):
This report presents the analysis of sport participation data from the 1998 and 2005 General Social Survey, collected by Statistics Canada.  The report focuses on sport participation by Saskatchewan and Canadian residents, including types of sport involvement, reasons for participation/non-participation, time use and comparisons by socio-economic status.
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Factors that Shape Our Children's Participation in Physical Activity and Sport: Saskatchewan Parents' Perspective (released March 2008)
This report presents the analysis of data collected by the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute for the 2005 Physical Activity and Sport Monitor.  The report focuses primarily on factors that influence children's participation in physical activity and sport.

Saskatchewan Children and Youth Participation in Sport, Recreation and Cultural Activities (released January 2008)
This report presents the re-analysis of data from the 2005 Aboriginal Youth Participation in Sport, Culture and Recreation Study.  The data was re-analyzed to more accurately represent Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal children and youth residing in Saskatchewan.  Results on various aspects of children and youth participation in sport, recreation and cultural activities are presented, including comparisons by Aboriginal status, gender, and region.


Music Industry Review: Public Survey Report (released October 2007)
Developed as part of the Saskatchewan Music Industry Review, this report presents information from Saskatchewan residents regarding their level of involvement/engagement in live recorded music, the benefits and barriers of attending live music performances, information sources they use to find out about new and live music, use of Internet and digital resources, and awareness of Saskatchewan music.

Music Industry Review: Professional Survey Report (released October 2007)
Developed as part of the Saskatchewan Music Industry Review, this report presents information from Saskatchewan music industry professionals regarding their level of involvement/engagement in live and recorded music, income and expenses from their music-related activities, information sources they used to promote their music and live music performances, use of Internet and digital resources.

Student Employment Experience: 2006 Student and Supervisor Report (released April 2007)
This report presents the results of a survey of students and supervisors who participated in the 2006 Student Employment Experience (SEE).  The purpose of this study was to better understand individuals who participated in the SEE Program and their perceptions of the SEE Program.

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