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Monday, February 19, 2018

A collection of applications and declarations, not including the tree removal application.

Tree Removal

If you wish to remove trees from park land, you must stop at the park office to obtain the application.  The completed application must be submitted to the park supervisor and approved before any tree is removed from park land. 


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When financial assistance is required pertaining to a disposition on park land.

To maintain an associated disposition (eg docks, boatlifts, etc.), a new application must be submitted and approved.

To update the tenancy status of lessees associated with a disposition.

To amend the provincial park land disposition when a lessee(s) has changed their name (marriage/divorce).

When the park land disposition in force has been lost.

To end the term of a current park land lease (disposition).

To remove the name of the deceased joint tenant from a disposition.

To remove interest in an existing/expired permit

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